Furniture Installation

The Move Team offers full service furniture installation, de-installation, adjustments and moving for modular systems, cubicle and workstations.

Move Team Texas - Street View

This service can be supplemental to, in lieu of, or completely separate from standard moving services. Our team of experienced installers has experience on almost all types of workstations, and can install and reconfigure to any type of layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are crates?

Crates are plastic bins that we deliver prior to the move for packing.

Does The Move Team pack?

The Move Team does offer packing as a service.

How do you know where things go?

The Move Team uses a labeling system to keep track of where items go.

Do you charge for after hours?

No – rates are the same for any and all times and days of week. Overtime is only added if we are on a project for more than 40 hours in one particular pay week.

Do you have insurance?

The Move Team has specific requirements for every building we work in, and do have coverage to meet those requirements.

Do I need to be there for the move?

Yes – we need at least one person with us, and possibly more depending on the size. We will have a dedicated supervisor at each location as well.

How long does moving take?

Moving time depends on needs and inventory.